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A Student's Guide to Leadership

Further Training in Leadership

Leadership Characteristics & Traits
Share Your Thoughts! What Makes a GREAT leader?
Transformational Leadership
Decision Making
Motivate Your Team
Leadership Analysis - Winston Churchill
Leadership Analysis - Lee Kuan Yew
Leadership Analysis - Rudy Giuliani
Quiz - What's Your Leadership Potential?
Videos - Famous Speeches By Great Leaders
Further Training in Leadership
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So... you have your head around the basics of Leadership and you want to know more? There are a lot of Leadership courses available to you, but not all are worth what you will spend on them! Here are a few recommended courses for you to have a look at.
It is always recommended that you ring the training provider prior to enrolment to check the course outline. This will ensure that you are going to get exactly what you want!

"A great leader chooses the path others will follow."

Challenger TAFE - WA Centre for Leadership & Community Development
The WA Centre for Leadership and Community Development provides training, training services, consultancy and research designed to empower communities to take leadership in their own development.

The Centre's training and other services are based on the concept of community development as an industry, with articulated methodologies and outcomes and offering professional employment opportunities.

By offering accredited training and recognised qualifications across a broad spectrum of social groups and organisations, the Centre seeks to raise the quality of outcomes for communities whether they are in urban, remote or regional areas.

In all areas of contemporary Australian society, the importance of leaders has never been greater.

As modern life becomes ever more urbanised and industrialised, so the development of sustainable communities, partnerships and support networks becomes increasingly important.

However, this can only be achieved by developing in people from all walks of life the skills, abilities and knowledge which empower them to take on important roles and responsibilities within their respective communities.

Organisations constantly say one of their greatest strategic imperatives is having a senior team which is well equipped to lead change and organisational renewal. By participating in this program, executives and senior managers will augment their skills to lead and implement change and renewal.
While the program draws on change management theory, it provides practical tools for implementing change and renewal processes. These tools are applicable to the broad spectrum of private and public sector organisations regardless of size.
The skills learnt in this program are particularly effective when two or more individuals from the same organisation participate in the program, then return to their workplace to lead a change process.
Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA
CCIWA hold regular Leadership Forums for anyone interested in gaining more knowledge of Leadership. At the last forum, three of Australia's most esteemed leaders entertained and inspired an audience of more than 300 business executives at the recent CCI Leadership Forum. These were the Hon Jeff Kennett AC, Wesfarmers chief executive Richard Goyder, and former national coach of the Australia Women's Hockey Team Dr Ric Charlesworth.
Leadership & Decision Making can help you become a more effective manager by improving your problem solving and team building abilities. In this three-day program, you’ll get constructive feedback on your leadership style, become acquainted with the frameworks for strategic leadership, and put theory into practice through case studies. With these decision-making tools, you can become a better manager of people, change and conflict. Leadership & Decision Making helps you become a more rounded manager and gives you the opportunity to network with other senior executives.
Leading Edge
The Leading Edge Program is offered through the Centre for Leadership, an initiative of the Joondalup Learning Precinct
(JLP) partners. The program will be delivered through the shared facilities of the three precinct partners’ campuses.

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A Student's Guide to Leadership