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A Student's Guide to Leadership

Motivate Your Team
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Motivate Your Team
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Don't be scared to step up to the plate! Here are 10 easy steps to follow on how to organise and motivate your team and push them towards achieving your desired outcomes!

"We must BE the change we wish to see." - Ghandi

Motivation is the amount of effort one gives based on their expectations in return. As a leader, you will need to inspire and motivate your team members to reach their full potential and help achieve the goals you have set.



Here are a few tips for promoting team work:



  • Establish rapport with one another and have fun together!
  • Stay positive and enthusiastic! Instead of focusing on “tasks” and “assignments,” call them “quests,” “adventures” and “goals.
  • Spread the work load – I have your back, and you have mine.
  • Track progress towards goals, it makes the end result seem very attainable and shows how far you have come!
  • Recognize individual achievements and contributions and make them feel appreciated. Celebrate success!



10 Steps to Motivate Your Team


1. Create Your Communications Plan – Make a list of everyone’s contact details and distribute them amongst the team. Create an email distribution list too.


2. Call a “Getting Started” Initial Meeting – Even if the face are familiar, you should still officially welcome everyone to the team. It helps to re-enforce group identity and belongingness.


3. Articulate a Vision for the Future – Be sure that all team member understand how your vision aligns the success of the individual with the organisation as a whole


4. Develop Your Plan and Encourage Contributions – Ask for comments and feedback and verify your goals by putting them into writing. Utilise your team member’s skills and abilities by asking them how they can best contribute to the overall picture?


5. Agree on the Basics of “How” – Delegate team members’ responsibilities and roles. Establish work priorities and a timeline for each task. Encourage and mistakes discovered along the process to be openly discussed and solved as a group.


6. Build Team Spirit – Explain how you envision the team working collectively and emphasize the importance each individual plays in the unification of the group. Acknowledge the qualities each member brings to the table.


7. Schedule Your Next Meeting(s) – This will help track progress and allow each member to show everyone what they have achieved so far. Set more goals to be reached by the next meeting.


8.  Follow Up – This is where the email distribution list comes in handy! Thank everyone for their efforts so far and praise and thank everyone for their attendance and dedication. Be encouraging and remind them that the end goal gets closer each day!


9. The Next Meeting – Remind people of the vision so they are insight of their goals. Celebrate further achievements.


10. Grace: The Final Frontier – Remember, service is an act of grace! You can never say “thank you” too much!



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A Student's Guide to Leadership